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Cultural Tips for Business Success in South America

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South America offers plenty of opportunities across its fertile and ever growing business landscape.
But always keep in mind that the region is not just one country! Though there are significant cultural nuances between the countries that make up this southernmost continent, commonalities also abound.
Relationships are very important on how South Americans approach business.
They want to know you as a person first, before doing business with you. So… slow down! This may take some time, but the rewards can be long term.
If you’re from the U.S., refer yourself as someone from the United States, not as an “American”.
Everyone living in the Americas is also American. If you can introduce yourself in their language, Portuguese in Brazil and Spanish in the rest of the countries… even better! They will appreciate this respectful gesture.
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Keep in mind that South Americans are generally friendly, sociable and welcoming wherever you go.
Crossing borders is easy. Crossing cultures is harder. Make sure you invest in a thorough cultural understanding of the country you choose to do business with… and success should follow!
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