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Best Airline in South America
Best Airline in
South America
Best South American Global Airline
Best South American Global Airline
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Our business is South America
Welcome to LATAM Corporate Program. The one and only customized travel program built specifically for your corporation, and focused only on South America. With a corporate contract with us, your company and its employees will enjoy competitive rates, multiple benefits and an exclusive flight experience on their business travels.
Money Savings
Have more control over travel policies and spending
One Global Point of Contact
Receive personalized assistance from your assigned Corporate Sales Manager and from our dedicated sales support team
A Tailored Program
No matter the complexity of your travel needs
A Win-win Solution
For your company and your employees
Connecting flights that connect your company to opportunities
Once your executives finish their business in one South American location, the rest of the region is all within easy reach. As the main carrier in South America, we offer convenient flight schedules through a wide network that connects travelers to all capital cities as well as secondary cities within each country. We fly a modern fleet and hold safety as our main company value.
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Top Corporate Non-Stop Routes
Smart companies always take the most direct route.
Frequent Flyer Program
Frequent Flyer Program
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Priority check-in
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Special services
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Priority baggage
Additional checked baggage on LATAM flights
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Changes and refunds at no charge on redeemed tickets*
Move up or delay your flight withing the same day
Notification of changes on your flights
* Does not exempt charge for service fee.
Cultural Tips
Corporate Travel Managers Educational Trip
This international educational three-day trip was designed to fly Corporate Travel Managers to our corporate destination, Santiago. Upon arrival, they’re introduced to our Global Corporate Team and new sales model for international and regional flights; they take guided tours to aircraft hangars, to our Maintenance Operations Center (MOC), and more.
discover benefits
Discover the benefits of our Corporate Travel Program
Discover the benefits of our Corporate Travel Program
Corporate Sales SupportCorporate Sales Support
Corporate Sales Support