Corporate Travel Managers Educational Trip

Corporate Travel Managers Educational Trip

This three-day educational trip begins the moment participating Corporate Travel Managers come on board our Premium Business flight to Santiago. They’re introduced to our aircraft, our crew, and are provided the opportunity to experience LATAM Airlines award-winning service firsthand.
Upon arrival in Santiago, the program includes:
A visit to our corporate offices for an informative session on our Global Corporate team and our new sales model for international and regional flights
An interactive session to discuss different topics of interest related to our service model, the products we offer, opinions from our clients, and more
A visit to the aircraft hangars and a guided tour through the Maintenance Operations Center (MOC)
Preferential check-in in Santiago and a group gathering with excellent service in a reserved area of our VIP Lounge
Understanding the new sales model for international and regional flights was extremely educational. Meeting at the LATAM Corporate office and having a face to face with your staff was amazing. The hangar tour and understanding of how you follow each aircraft daily was very insightful.
Learning so much about the product and the company itself. I found this to be very educational and will be helpful when responding to questions about the airline.
LATAM as an airline is dedicated to improving in all ways, both internally and externally. LATAM is focused on creating successful partnerships with corporate clients.
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